Corporate Profile

C S Holdings Limited (CSH) is the 3th independently operated subsidiary of Hong Kong Shindo Kogyo Company Limited.


The CSH HK Headquarter and CS Holdings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. were both established in 2003, mainly engaged in the import /export and general trade of Japanese and Korean high-grade metal raw materials.   We have been operating in China and Hong Kong for nearly 20 years.


C S Holdings Ltd central supplies soft magnetic cores, conductive silver paste, and EMI absorbing materials from Korea Chang Sung Corporation (CSC). This internationally renowned magnetic powder core manufacturer provides customers with a one-stop store of magnetic components.  She has the world's most advanced equipment, an excellent R&D team, and an international development network across the globe.  CSC has a one-stop production line from metal smelting, powder production to magnetic core molding, and specializes in adjusting and controlling the characteristics of the powder to achieve the most suitable product effect for customer needs.   In addition to providing traditional MPP, High Flux, and Sendust cores, high-end cores with different new shapes, such as Titanium grade High Flux cores, EQ cores, HS cores, HP cores, are selling perfect products worldwide, covering Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and other markets.


C S Holdings Ltd is the official authorized distributor of CSC products. The two parties have worked closely and continuously for 20 years.  We have warehouses in both HK and Dongguan to store many CSC cores for customers in South and East China to provide quick and responsive services to customers. 


On the other hand, with the improvement of environmental protection concepts and the development of 5G, high-end raw materials from Japan and South Korea have been widely used in 5G servers, new energy industries, and communication equipment. In addition to the top CSC cores, C S Holdings Ltd also represents Japanese and Korean clad metals, silver-plated copper wires, conductive silver paste, and other raw materials to provide reliable, stable, and comprehensive raw materials for the new era industry chain. 

Corporate Timeline and Summary